This work moves & inspires people. What could be in store for you?

Working with Dana has helped me shift the way I relate to my life, inviting more joy, ease, and acceptance. A lot of the work has been the beginning of opening up and uncovering some fundamental ideas I wasn’t aware were so at play in my choices, actions, and thoughts. The work is really just starting. I tend to resist the idea that I can have whatever I want, partially because in committing to social justice, I sometimes get bogged down in the structural complexities, and realities, of daily life. This work has helped me push where I believe I have the power to enact and embody opportunity and become an agent of intentional change within the ecosystem of my life and circumstances.

When I hired Dana, I felt stuck in a really crucial way. It was a matter of self-esteem. I was getting to a point where I noticed myself standing in my own way any time I tried to take a step forward. This was happening in many areas of my life. I didn’t recognize that the thought patterns I was creating were within my control, and more importantly, that the thought patterns were linked to core beliefs I had was holding about myself.

I had learned about these core beliefs before, but I didn’t have any tools for working with them. I knew how to talk about them, but I didn’t really know how to move them. And I had an idea that moving these beliefs should be really hard work.
It’s an understatement to say that I was really able to change my life through working with Dana.

There were times when the program was quite challenging. It pushed me to question parts of myself that I had maybe never brought to light before. It was at these times that Dana was the most inspired of guides. She was wise and gentle. I knew that she was truly holding space for me.

Thank you so much for holding space and patience for me as I worked on finding my growing edges. With your guidance, I have seen my ability to handle more using the tools you have taught me. Yes, it is still a learning process but it gets easier each time.

The work I did weekly with Dana helped me to take a holistic look at some of these “stuck” areas and start to observe how they related to larger issues, including a lack of self confidence and inability to see my own strength. Dana also began to help me develop ways to counter these limiting beliefs and develop a plan to unstick myself.

My experience with Dana was incredibly meaningful. She helped me see both the areas that I needed to address and also the sources of personal power that routinely ignored or neglected. She gave me the tools to begin to make the changes in my life and access the things that I now know I deserve and can have.

Maybe you don’t need fixing. Maybe you just need someone to listen with empathy and kindness. Maybe you just need to be challenged. Maybe you want something but don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe you don’t really know what feels broken. Dana will not give you the answers to all of the maybes, but she will help you see that maybe what you need is already there ready for you.

I reached out to Dana after having a client of my own recommend her to me. I had watched this particular person struggle with personal issues and had seen her try different methods of healing, but it wasn’t until she started speaking with Dana that I saw her change. She seemed settled, and soft. She seem empowered and comfortable. It was a very visible and noticeable change.

I wasn’t facing any particular challenges, but I was feeling like I didn’t have a direction or a heading. I knew that I had covered up a lot of things from my past but I hadn’t truly healed the wounds those things created. I was also recently engaged and trying to figure out my place in a marriage. I was in a very loving and committed relationship but knew that to move forward I needed to put some things to rest and work on some personal issues so that I could better involve myself in my marriage.

My work with Dana took me to a place of understanding and forgiveness that I wasn’t expecting. I learned how to really listen to myself. I learned how to better communicate in my relationships with other people by first communicating well with myself. Her work and the change it created snuck up on me. It slid into my life without me even noticing. I find myself approaching issues and challenges in a healthier way without even making the conscious effort to do so. Her work lives in my sub-conscious. She helped me empower myself so that I could create the abundance and the love and the happiness I was looking for.

Working with her was easy. She made me comfortable and I walked away from every session with new knowledge and insight. She peeled back layer that I didn’t even know were there. She asked the right questions in the right way.

I had a great experience working with Dana. Over the course of our sessions, I had countless insights and made progress in areas I didn’t think I ever could. I learned so much about myself and what I’m capable of creating in living my most fulfilling life. I gained so many valuable tools to help me navigate life’s twists and turns with aplomb, and I can’t say enough about how sweet and wonderful Dana is as a guide on this journey!

Before I hired Dana I was having a terrifying restrained sense of self love. I found it very difficult to be myself and love myself for who I am. Life although livable and considerably successful, it had become something I had feared. I had completely lost trust in myself. Within the first 5 minutes of our first interaction, I was in tears. My ability to speak so open and honest with a stranger was quite bizarre and her energy was shooting straight through the phone lines. Most extraordinarily profound was her ability to allow you to process and comprehend your feelings independently, making the process uniquely compelling. I applaud her ability to channel the love and confidence inside of all of us and recommend her training to all regardless of your state of emotional, physical, or spiritual stability.

Working with Dana has allowed me to re-connect with my innate courage and power while also providing key reminders to have patience with the process of growth and change. Her method provides helpful tools to cultivate personal power and her depth of commitment, compassion and personal attention is what really distinguishes working with her from others. The comprehensive approach to creating positive change in one’s life in substantive yet incremental shifts on one’s “growing edge” has proven to create deep transformation in the way that I view my own potential. I have become confident in my ability to act, take chances and take charge of my choices and my life. Furthermore, Dana’s generosity with her time, expertise and care extended to the fact that she worked with me to find a way to compensate for the sessions even on my limted budget. I highly recommend working with Dana for those who are ready to dig in and work for the changes that come “little by little, then all at once”.

Dana is a truly special coach that helped me create energy in areas of my life that felt stagnant. She taught me the power of intention and guided me towards a true understanding of empowerment. Her guidance, encouragement and thoughtfulness helped me see things in ways I hadn’t previously. Her work is remarkable. Just like her.

I was feeling a sense of stagnancy: I was in a good job that wasn’t a good fit; I was struggling to get over a relationship that had fractured my heart and sense of self; I didn’t think that I had the power to change these realities beyond a certain point. More than anything, having a weekly time and space to consider how I could go about changing my reality was the key solution to my personal progress. By virtue of doing the sessions, I unconsciously affirmed to myself that I was worth the trouble and expense of transformation. Beyond that, Dana provided me with a mirror into my psyche and the false stories that kept me bound, as well as a toolbox of exercises to use in service of the new self I sought to create. My experience working with Dana was honest, challenging, and worthwhile. She was always considerate of where I was in my journey, but gently guided me to challenge myself every week. This became possible because she is incredibly open to share her personal experiences and challenges with clients in hopes of demonstrating that they are not alone in their pursuit of being whole and fully human.

When I started working with Dana, I didn’t even realize the scope of the problems I faced. I knew that I was about to embark on a big adventure, yet again. It was time for the next chapter of my life and I could not afford to be blindsided by my own sneaky, self sabotage. I wanted to hold myself accountable, and bring to light any issues hindering my ability to manifest. In essence, working with Dana provided illumination. Often times we are simply unaware of the mechanistic beliefs in the unconscious mind, that largely influence our conscious decisions. I was able to confront deeply held beliefs, in all areas of my life, that were holding me back. I found working with her a refreshing hour of my week that I looked forward to during our time together. Dana is honest, authentic, and asks the right questions to allow for her clients own “aha moments”. It was a beautiful journey that we shared together and during that time my personal transformation was exponential, and I would recommend it to others ready to take on their own lives. I have this amazing frame of reference to use in the future. And it sort of feels like, there is no going back. Thank you Dana!

Working with Dana definitely helped me to do what I set out to do — get closer to becoming the person I want to be. I discovered some deep and important insights into myself through Dana’s coaching. Putting the work we did together into practice, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have and far clearer on the path towards my dreams.

I never believed in coaching until I met Dana. She was the person I could hear, and through this gift, was able to hear myself – my fears, hopes, desires and dreams. At a time when I was making weighty decisions in my personal and professional life, Dana’s guidance enabled me to tap into the deep beliefs hidden beneath the surface of my everyday life and find clarity and vision for my future.

I came to Dana feeling stuck and frustrated about several aspects for happiness in my life. I was having trouble finding a focus to engage and move forward, not really knowing that I felt certain in a direction of choosing. I was exhausting my efforts and spinning my wheels trying to find something.

Dana was able to help be uncover some of the belief systems that were no longer useful for me. Things that were holding me back from making better choices, and gravitating toward the things I love. To trust myself in the creation of my own path. She allowed me to realize these beliefs not only in the contribution I have with career and work life, but also within my relationships with so much else.

In working with Dana I felt encouraged, challenged, and very supported. She is a gentle soul that truly knows her stuff when it comes to empowerment training. She was able to improvise during our sessions where she felt alternative plans were needed based on my current state or feedback. The sessions were intuitive for her and always surprising in their effects.

I was anxious and directionless regarding career growth and having intimate relationships . These aspects of life seemed vague and I did not feel empowered making choices in regards to them. What specific solution did my work/I provide? I would say that it helped me really see my belief systems in a concrete way. A belief is such an abstract and intangible thing that when you sit and write and illustrate them, the picture gets clearer. From the clarity, you are able to establish what the limitation is and then move beyond it; the growing edge as I learned! So specifically, I would say I was able with your help, shape my belief into something I feel more congruence with. My experience was positive even though it was painful at times. There were times of resistance too as I didn’t want to do the work but I knew I would get as much as I put into it. You are such a lovely person to be around! Your ability to usher me to my growing edges was always graceful, compassionate, encouraging, heartfelt and gentle. I would tell them that this is work but with great rewards; that if they were ready to get honest and take a real look into what they believe about themselves and their lives and want to make significant and real changes, get on board!

It’s incredible to look back at my life “pre-Dana” — the habits and narratives I was holding onto that were no longer true, and were certainly no longer serving me… The power of intention to create the life you want cannot be over-stated. I’ve moved from feeling fundamentally alone to feeling deeply interconnected.

With Dana’s guidance, I delved into the most formative experiences and relationships of my life, and was able to increase my self-awareness of my own journey in a way that has been profoundly transformative for me, both personally and professionally. I now experience much more ease and joy in my work and intimate and familial relationships, and more fully unleashed in the power of my leadership and my voice in this world. What a blessing!!

Working with Dana was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and one of the best investments in myself and my future that I can imagine. She is a touchstone for my truest self.

When I found Dana I called in the perfect person to help me figure out my path in life whether I knew it or not. I came to her feeling dead inside personally and professionally. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew that I had to find a way to change the path I was on. The methods we used helped me construct an amazing vision for my life well as a realistic path on how to get there. Dana was calm, patient and understanding. The tools I have learned and crafted while working with her have given me a sense of hope and optimism that 3 months ago I could have never have dreamed about. I look forward to the life Dana helped me discover.

Dana came into my life exactly and perfectly when I needed her. She helped me find the voice, dreams, goals, faith, and belief in myself that I had lost. The gates flew open to making decisions for myself I’d been terrified to make for years. She is one of the most soothing and insightful people I have ever met and I am forever in awe of her ability to know the right questions to ask, the right time to nudge me forward and always always make me laugh, even through a few tears. My last session with her, which I think about daily, I was sobbing and hysterically laughing at the same time and yelling at the top of my lungs, “I get it, I finally get it, I get it, thank you Dana!!” Thank you Dana!

As a new mom juggling a fundraising career with an emerging artistic practice I simply felt stuck. Dana helped me wade through the crap we all pile on ourselves and actually fully answer the scary question: what do I really want out of life? It was like diving down into a deep and sometimes scary pool, but then seeing sunlight and breaking the surface. I’m still learning how to be a better swimmer, but working with Dana gave me flippers and a snorkel so I’m no longer floundering.

I’ll always be glad of the tools I acquired during my sessions with Dana. They’re tools which were available to me all along, deep in my own self, but which I didn’t even know existed – and they’re so valuable and so powerful that it’s actually scary to think I might have gone on in my life and my career without knowing that they were there to draw on. Dana’s practice focuses on empowerment at a fundamental level, the level at which we as people talk to ourselves and create the inner monologue which follows us around all day; that this is something which can be changed and reshaped for the better is one of the most important things I’ve ever learned. Since working with Dana, I’ve finished a major project, gotten a new job, pinpointed the things which matter to me personally and professionally – and I’m still learning. If you’re stuck, if you’re overwhelmed, if you’re feeling as though you messed up or missed out on the things you wanted to do, I can’t recommend Dana’s sessions highly enough. As for Dana, she’s wonderful to work with – she’s smart, focused, and brimming with empathy and problem-solving wizardry. Do yourself a favour and book a consultation! Catherine, 35, writer in NY

Working with Dana is such a great way to find your way back onto your path, feel more centered in who you are, and help to discover things you may not have even realized that you want.  Since completing our program I am now focused more than ever on making the specific life I want.

From coaching on how to have honest, loving clarity in romantic relationships, to wisdom on transitioning out of a long-term non-profit job, to advice on negotiating future employment, Dana’s skillful support has helped transform my life. She gets me to explore my truest desires and biggest dreams and dares me to engage in fierce conversations.