Your thoughts create your reality.
Your beliefs govern your thinking.
You receive what you believe.


If you want change, you must make room. To make room, you must release what no longer serves you.


Let’s create a clear and passion-filled vision for your future. It’s more about being and feeling than having and doing.

Is your life designed around what you most want to be doing in the world? Do you make your life decisions from a place of deep alignment with your values? Do you have deeply satisfying relationships? Can you say, without a doubt, that you love yourself?

Do you feel confused and not sure what to do or how to move forward? Perhaps things aren’t terrible, but you are feeling a pull…a tug to something greater, but you’re just not sure what or where that is.

The two principle reasons that people don’t have what they want is they don’t know what they want and/or they don’t know how to get there. This is simplicity at its most complex. This is the ancient heart of your future. The desire for passion, kindness, success, authenticity, connection, abundance, meaningful and purposeful work are not a destination, but a journey.

My coaching program is based on three principles*:

  • our beliefs create the conditions of our life;
  • if we want change we need to look at what we believe and to clear out/transform the beliefs that limit us; and
  • we must create a clear, thrilling, and passion-filled vision for the future (built on new beliefs) in order to truly achieve change.

This ain’t no crash diet of the soul offer. This is foundational work at it’s most essential level.

Through a twelve-session program we focus on the seven areas of your life: relationships, money, body, sexuality, emotions, work, and spirituality. In each of these life areas the program and our one-on-one coaching structure are designed to help you:

  • discover what’s uniquely meaningful
  • translate this insight into a realistic vision
  • heal and transform unconscious limiting beliefs that might prevent its realization
  • build a new belief through affirmation and visualization to manifest your vision

There’s no time like the present to look at what matters most ― your life, your community, and how you effect the world around you. I want to work with you if you are looking to be connected to your passion and purpose for life and ready to jump in and get creative and courageous.

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*My coaching work is grounded in the Empowerment model as designed by the effervescent Gail Straub & David Gershon, of which I am personally trained and a certified practitioner. More on them at